Dig Safe Contractor ID

What is a Contractor ID?

Getting your Dig Safe ticket is easier with a Contractor ID Number. It stores your company name, address, phone numbers and email address, so you don’t have to give your contact information each time you apply.

Good communication is key in preventing damage, so please give an alternate phone number. The utility locators who respond may need to reach you with a question or concern. A wireless phone number for the person directly involved with the job will help prevent delays.

*NOTE: A Contractor ID number is NOT a Dig Safe ticket number. A Dig Safe ticket number is an eleven-digit number that is issued for each utility mark-out you request for a particular work location. To apply for a Dig Safe ticket, please use our online Quick Ticket option, or call 811.

*required information

*Company Name
*First Name
*Last Name
*Job Title
*Alternate Phone
*Business Hours
*Validate Email