Exactix Questions & Answers


Exactix is the new ticket platform Dig Safe will offer for online ticket entry.
For the past year, we’ve partnered with Exactix developer 4iQ Solutions, and experts from three 811 Call Centers in other states, to deliver a platform for the one-call industry, by the one-call industry.  

We have already witnessed Exactix successfully implemented in Arizona and Florida with rave reviews from member utilities and excavators.  Dig Safely New York is slated to go live in the late spring, before our own transition in November. 

You’ll have the ability to apply for your own tickets using an intuitive and simple form that has already been tested by thousands of contractors for ease of use.  And, Exactix offers a custom dashboard, where you can view, sort and manage all of your tickets.  
Of course, you 'll still have the option of calling us at 811 to get a ticket.

Yes!  We are happy to process your Dig Safe tickets over the telephone.  But if you call Dig Safe often, why not give Exactix a try? 
It's simple to create new tickets, and a customized dashboard stores your tickets for you to sort, filter, renew, copy, export and email.

Yes.  Exactix gives you a simple and intuitive form for ticket taking, and an interactive map for you to search and draw on to define your dig location. 
Your custom Exactix dashboard stores all of your tickets, which you can sort by ticket number, municipality, the date taken, and the date of expiration (so you know to renew them!).  
And, help is always available at ExactixHelp@digsafe.com.

We imported the contact information from all existing contractor ID numbers into Exactix, however, the new system assigns you a new Excavator ID. 
When notify us:
~By calling 811-   This new Excavator ID can be used when you call us for a ticket, however, it's not necessary.  We can now find you in the system by your name, company name, and email address.
~Online with Exactix-  You don't need a Contractor or Excavator ID.  When you log in, your contact information is already included on each new ticket you create.

 Yes.  Dig Safe has imported ticket data from the last six months that you are able to sort, filter and renew with Exactix.

Check out our Video Tutorials and Web Users Guidefor complete how-to instructions to create and manage your Dig Safe tickets.
And, reach out to us for support at ExactixHelp@digsafe.com

Exactix is supported on Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. Like most other current systems, Exactix is not supported in Internet Explorer.