Premarking Guidelines

“Premark” means to identify the general scope of excavation activities using white paint, stakes or other suitable white markings, in a manner that will enable utility operators to know the boundaries of the proposed excavation activities.

  • Premark the area to be excavated before calling Dig Safe.
  • Proposed excavation areas should be identified with white marks, with the excavator’s company name or logo within the premarked areas.
  • Premark the exact area of excavation using solid lines, dashes or dots.
  • Failure to premark when practical may jeopardize your Dig Safe permit and/or result in a civil penalty.
  • Member utility companies will mark owned or maintained facilities in the premarked areas. Excavating outside the premarked area requires another permit from Dig Safe.**
  • If working throughout an entire property, rather than just a particular area, define the outer perimeter of the property to indicate that work will take place everywhere within those premarked areas.
* Exemptions Massachusetts: Excavations over 500 feet in continuous length; replacement of guardrail or fence posts in the same location New Hampshire: Excavations over 100 feet in continuous length; replacement of utility pole within 5 feet of its existing location Rhode Island: Excavations over 500 feet in continuous length. Vermont: Excavations over 500 feet in continuous length ** In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, member companies are required to mark 15 feet outside of your premarked area.
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