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Welcome to Quick-Ticket

Join the thousands of contractors who get Dig Safe tickets online using a PC, or remotely with a mobile device! Quick-Ticket is available 24/7, and record keeping is easy when you print your ticket confirmations (or have them emailed to you.)

A Message For Property Owners

Quick-Ticket is for professional excavators who are familiar with Dig Safe and apply for tickets regularly.

PROPERTY OWNERS MUST CALL 811 to request a utility mark-out, so that we can explain the process and answer any questions about our service.

If you are requesting a mark-out for your own property, please call us at 811.

Using Quick-Ticket

You must read our Quick-Ticket Guidelines for the information you need before entering tickets online.

You must disable pop-up blockers to launch the mapping screen successfully.

You must provide the ADDRESS, INTERSECTION, or GIS/GPS COORDINATE of a location. You may also provide the street name, and a detailed description of where the work will be.

Quick-Ticket Will NOT Accept

  • Work that extends beyond 1320 feet (one quarter mile) from the street address, intersection or lat/long coodinates given. If the work is beyond 1320 feet, you must apply for the ticket by phone at 811, so a Customer Service Representative can draw out the parameters of your work accordingly.

  • New Streets, Sub-divisions and Condo Complexes – Please contact us at 811 for locations that are not reflected on our digital map. A Customer Service Representative must draw out these types of locations on our digital map to notify the appropriate utilities.

  • Emergency Tickets – Quick-Ticket only accepts scheduled excavation notices. You must call 811 to request an Emergency Dig Safe permit.

  • Blasting and ‘State Permit Only’ Tickets - Quick-Ticket can only process permits for excavation work.

Google Map

Quick-Ticket includes a Google Map that allows you to see the area that you enter into the system.

After you enter the location information, a pink highlighted area appears on the map. This pink area represents where our system will search for member utility companies to notify for your markout.

Please understand that these highlighted areas are for Dig Safe’s purposes only. It is a tool that enables us to identify the utility companies that need to be notified.

Your dig location must be located within the pink area. However, you must still describe the scope of your job with your written description on the ticket, and with your premarks at the job site.

Important Before starting, you must understand Quick-Ticket's instructions, rules and limitations to be sure your excavation notices are transmitted successfully to the appropriate member utilities. Please click here for the information you must have before entering tickets online. Dig Safe will email you a password to use Quick-Ticket after you accept the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

By inputting a Quick-Ticket you assume full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided and all other risks relating to the Quick-Ticket online service. Information that is improperly entered or improperly transmitted may not be received or understood by member utilities. Dig Safe does not verify the accuracy of information provided by you or any other third parties.

Dig Safe only notifies its member utilities of proposed excavation in the area of their underground facilities. Dig Safe does not notify non-member utilities of these activities.